Curriculum Vitae




*B.A. - University of Pennsylvania – September, 1981 – May, 1985

*M.D. - University of North Carolina School of Medicine - July, 1987 - May, 1989

*Tufts University School of Medicine - August, 1985 - June, 1987

*Adult Psychiatry Residency - The Institute of the University of Pennsylvania - July, 1989 to July, 1992

* Child Psychiatry Fellowship - Philadelphia Child Guidance Center - July, 1992 to March, 1995

*Continuing Education Classes Forensic Psychiatry Department University of PA 2013
*Attended the Practical Applications In Forensic Psychiatry Grand Rounds Series at the University of Pennsylvania - 2013 to Present.

Professional Positions

*Forensic Psychiatry Practice – July 2012 to present – IMEs, custody evaluations, immigration evaluations, forensic evaluations, depositions, court appearances

*Independent Clinical Practice - May 1997 to present - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:  Psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluations, psychotherapy, staff consultation, school evaluations 1997-present.

*Psychiatrist at CONCERN – July, 2012 to present - forensic and treatment evaluations of adolescents at Abraxas Detention Center, evaluation and treatment of adult outpatients, evaluations and treatment of child and adolescent outpatients

*IME evaluations for Horizon Health Care Consultants 2014 – present

*Berks Center for Clinical Research (Reading, PA)- April 2013 to October 2015 – Principal Investigator: Adult, Adolescent, and Pediatric trials for research of neuropsychiatric medications and medical devices

 * Medical Director of the Children’s Home of Reading (residential treatment facility for adolescent boys ages 12 – 19) – January, 2005 to 2012

*Head of Child Psychiatry Department at Reading Hospital and Medical Center 2002 - 2004

*Consulting Psychiatrist - September, 1995 to 2004 - Children’s Home of Reading

*Staff Psychiatrist Reading Hospital and Medical Center - May, 1995 to 2002 (May, 1995 to July, 1997, fulltime; July, 1997 to 2002)

 *Medical Director - September, 1996 to July, 1999 - Partner’s Program of Reading Hospital (partial hospitalization program for adolescents)

Professional Certification

 *Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – 1997 to present

 *Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry – 1995 to present

Professional Society Memberships

*American Psychiatric Association - 1990 to present

*Textbook Authors Association of America – 1987 - 1990*AAPL American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law 2013 to present

*AACAP American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 1996 to present

*AMA American Medical Association – 1990 to present

*AAPL (American Association of Psychiatry and the Law) – 2012 to present


*Altman, Robin A. (2008)  Shrink Rap – An Irreverent Take on Child Psychiatry;  Bloomington, IN:  Author House

*Aaron, Ronald and Aaron, Robin H. (1984).  Improve Your Physics Grade.  New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

*Aaron, R., Zanenhoff, R., and Woo, A. (1987) “The Use of Duel Energy CT in Determining Calcium Content in Solitary Pulmonary Lung Nodules”


*6/6/2015 – Lecture to Berks County Bar Association – “To Decertify Or Not To Decertify – That Is The Question” – on juvenile decertification evaluations

*1/19/2016 – Lecture for the University of Pennsylvania Forensic Psychiatry Grand Rounds Seminar – “Avoiding Therapeutic and Legal Misadventures and Pitfalls in Custody Work” – on child custody evaluations

*7/21/2016 - Presentation for Solo and Small Firm Law Conference - "Custody Evaluations"

*7/21/2016 - Panel Discussion for Solo and Small Firm Law Conference - "More Effectively Utilizing Expert Witnesses"

*10/25/16 - Lecture for the University of Pennsylvania Forensic Psychiatry Grand Rounds Seminar - "Juvenile Decertification"

*4/26/17 - Lecture for the Berks County Bar Association - "Where Are Doctors Coming From, and Can We Send Them Back?"

*12/19/17 - Lecture for the Reading Hospital, Treating Teens Program - "Juvenile Decertification"